NF-JLEP Association
NF-JLEP promotes Japanese-language education at 11 universities in 6 countries. The NF-JLEP Association was launched in August 2017 to bring closer together all stakeholders in the NF-JLEP community: fellows, management committee members, and staff members of The Nippon Foundation and the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research. Please maximize your engagement with the Association so it can make a positive impact on Japanese language education around the world.

Support Programs
for NF-JLEP Fellows

The NF-JLEP Association helps fellows make a bigger contribution to Japanese language education through various support programs.
Visit the respective NF-JLEP Support Program page for notices regarding COVID-19.


Gain firsthand insights into Japan2 weeks

The program provides an opportunity for language teachers at primary or secondary schools to visit Japan and gain firsthand experience of Japanese society and culture.

Research Grant

Research Japanese-language educationUp to 1 year

This grant enables young researchers to conduct language- and education-related research for up to a year at a Japanese institution of higher learning.

NF-JLEP Universities

  • 2,000Fellows
  • 6Countries
  • 11Universities