NF-JLEP Association Program

The Nippon Foundation Fund for Japanese Language Education Program (NF-JLEP) promotes the study and teaching of the Japanese language in countries abroad. It was launched in 1994, when endowments of 1.5 million US dollars each were donated by The Nippon Foundation to eight universities in six countries. Because two endowments are shared by two or more universities, there are 11 “NF-JELP universities.” Each endowed university develops programs that most effectively promote Japanese-language education in its locality, such as by providing fellowships to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing Japanese-related studies, training Japanese-language teachers, and developing teaching materials. To date, approximately 2,000 NF-JLEP fellows have benefitted from NF-JLEP support, and many of them are playing key roles in Japanese-language education in each country.

In 2017, the NF-JLEP Association was launched to bring closer together all stakeholders in the NF-JLEP community: fellows, management committee members, and the staff of The Nippon Foundation (endowment donor) and the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research (NF-JLEP Association secretariat). One aim of the NF-JLEP Association is to increase interest in and understanding of Japan and to promote cross-border networking among members. To this end, the Association secretariat operates support programs, currently offering students and educators opportunities to conduct Japanese-language research in Japan. We hope all members will maximize their engagement with the NF-JLEP Association so it can make a positive impact on Japanese-language education around the world.

Basic Structure of the NF-JLEP Association Program

Message from Chairman Yohei Sasakawa

Dear members of the NF-JLEP Association,

More than 20 years have passed since the Nippon Foundation Fund for Japanese Language Education Program (NF-JLEP) was launched in 1994, and over 1,600 fellows have been its beneficiaries. I am now pleased to announce the launch of the NF-JLEP Association, created to bring all fellows and management committee members in the NF-JLEP community closer together.

I am sure that you each began to study the Japanese language for certain reasons of your own, and I am equally happy that you have developed an interest in Japan and its language.

As you know, Japan has a very rich and diverse culture. Out of people’s daily lives emerged an assortment of traditional performing arts and a highly distinctive cuisine; it boasts a fully developed industry backed by leading-edge technology; and in recent years, such manifestations of its pop culture as manga, anime, and movies have taken the world by storm. I am sure many of you are very familiar with these aspects of Japan’s culture and history—in fact, you may know many things about the country that are unknown to most of us who were born and raised here!

The NF-JLEP Association seeks to become a framework through which members can both deepen and broaden their engagement with Japan. I look forward to working closely with all of you in developing new initiatives and building a dynamic community!


August 2017

Yohei Sasakawa
NF-JLEP Association


NF-JLEP Association Secretariat

c/o The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, Roppongi Grand Tower 34F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6234, Japan

Roppongi-itchome Stn. (Namboku L.): Direct link from West Gate
Roppongi Stn. (Hibiya L., Oedo L.): 5 min. from Exit 5
Tameike-sanno Stn. (Ginza L., Nanboku L.): 8 min. from Exit 13
Kamiyacho Stn. (Hibiya L.): 10 min. from Exit 2


  • Phone+81-(0)3-5797-8402
  • FAX+81-(0)3-5570-6032

NF-JLEP Association Secretariat

  • Yohei Sasakawa Chairman
  • Mari Suzuki Executive Director
  • Keita Sugai Director
  • Yumi Arai Program Officer
  • Yoko Kaburagi Program Officer
  • Sachiko Matsuoka Program Officer
  • Yue Zhang Program Officer