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  • 2019.01.04

2019年 年頭のご挨拶

  • -NF-JLEP Association事務局

(左から)笹川陽平NF-JLEP Association会長、田中みさ、小田早苗常務理事、山田知子、張玥、荒井結美、鈴木真理ディレクター、鏑木洋子ディレクター、小山田彩、菅井敬太 (From left to right) NF-JLEP Association Chairman Yohei Sasakawa, Misa Tanaka, Sanae Oda (executive director), Tomoko Yamada, Yue Zhang, Yumi Arai, Mari Suzuki (director), Yoko Kaburagi (director), Aya Oyamada, Keita Sugai



皆様には、健やかに新春を迎えられたこととお慶び申し上げます。旧年中は、おかげさまでNF-JLEP Associationは、大きく前進することができました。

4月には、NF-JLEP Associationのロゴマークを冠した本ウェブサイトを開設し、フェローやNF-JLEP校の活動を紹介してまいりました。今年も、多くのフェローや運営委員の皆様の活躍を発信していきたいと思います。また、昨年は、ニュージーランド、トルコ、インドネシアなど、たくさんの国のフェローと運営委員の皆様が事務局を訪問してくださり、直接お話しする機会を持てました。昨年の訪問については、以下からご覧ください。




2018年度 訪日研究フェロー研究発表会


日本では平成が終わり、5月に新しい元号に改められる節目の年です。翌年に東京オリンピックを控え、日本に対する関心がますます高まっていきそうです。今年も引き続き、NF-JLEP Associationの活動を前進させ、フェローと運営委員の皆様とともに、日本語教育の推進に貢献していきたいと考えています。


NF-JLEP Association事務局一同


New Year’s Greetings from the NF-JLEP Association

Happy New Year!

All of us at the NF-JLEP Association secretariat extend our sincerest thanks to NF-JLEP fellows and management committee members who expressed interest in Japan and the Japanese language and to all those who contributed to enhancing Japanese-language education around the world. Thanks to you, substantial progress was made over the past year.

In April, we launched the NF-JLEP Association website with the newly designed Association logo to introduce the activities of NF-JLEP fellows and management committee members. We hope to carry many more stories this year, including those about you!

Also during last year, we visited Massey University in New Zealand, where we were updated on recent initiatives and gained a deeper understanding of the program there. We had very fruitful discussions with management committee members on ways to improve the program, and we were delighted to meet NF-JLEP fellows making great strides in their study of the Japanese language.

Among our many activities last year, one highlight was the support provided to two promising university faculty members through the Research Grant for NF-JLEP Fellows—the first support program for NF-JLEP—enabling them to conduct research in Japan.

The Research Grant is offered to young university faculty members and graduate students, and 2018 was the first year of implementation. During their stay in Japan, the two fellows made presentations of the research they were conducting, and we learned about the efforts of the fellows to create the most attractive Japanese-language programs for the students of respective countries.

We are now preparing to launch a new support program that will be useful not just for faculty members and graduate students but also for Japanese-language teachers at primary and secondary schools around the world. Please be on the lookout for new announcements from us.

The Heisei era is coming to a close in Japan, as the Emperor has announced he will be abdicating in April, and we will have a new era name from May. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games coming up next year, this is an exciting time of change for Japan.

We are making ongoing efforts to improve NF-JLEP and would appreciate any comments and suggestions that would help further enrich the program.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2019!

NF-JLEP Association Secretariat